Saturday, September 04, 2004

Kuch bhi Bud Bud.....

Dukhi mann Mere sunn mera kehna.......
Jahaan nahin chaina. wahaan nahin rehna.....

Kishore Kumar croons his way to glory. Perfect song ya, totally apt! Wish i could follow his advice. bloody, I would run away...NOW...RUN RUN RUN..SCOOOOOOOOOOT! Kya zhindagi hain.: : : Soooo many projects! Shesssssssssssh! But the twist is I like doing them..: then if u ask what's the problem.....overdose ho gayela hain idhar! Zindagi ka poora vaat mera.......One more week I survive, WOW! that would be one helluva thing, no! I am in a super cribaholic mood.....CRIB CRIB CRIB CRIB.....BLAH BLAH BLAH.....CRIB CRIB CRIB.......!!!!!

I have this subject called public opinion. Boy oh Boy! Wish human beings were born with no head at all. Koi opinion hi nahi hota na! Sadoo......every damn dimwit (including urs truly) has a goddamn opinion about every second thing in this world. Ok.opinion hain jaane do na, kya pharak padhta hain........NOOOOOOOOO!, We are world samaritans na.......MAP PUBLIC OPINION!!!!!! Bloody hell........I have to read about every chotu thing happening..Dhanonjay case, Godhra, INDIA-PAKISTAN, INDO-CHINA RLEATIONS.[am jhaaaapped in this topic, no notes :( ] Vietnam war......U NAME IT WE HAVE IT! Now we will have Iraq war also, all coz of Stupid Dubya. he should be pushed down from the Himalayas.nahi best from the niagara falls....USA se paas hain......kutte ki maut he deserves......HUHUHUH!!!!!!!

But you knowwat, I like reading about such stuff. Indo-pak relations, Indo-china relations, Bangladesh war and all stuff like that, lekin I hate it when we have to do it for the exam......****sigh**** Neways, ............wowow......I feel so relieved.....I had to throw it out of my system...tee hee hee.......

My house is full of newspapers now. Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, tamil....u name it, i have it! For doing an asisgnment on Indian regional journalism. Funny it is, I had urdu paper also.....Such a beautiful language Urdu is, pity i can't read it, I though the font looks like hen's shit (loosely translated from tamil, kozhi pea :P) My table resembles raddiwala ka shop. all type of papers I have. Today it so happened that, I bought, 6 papers........hindi, marathi and english. The bookstall walah looks at me weirdly and asks me.....itna saara paper chahiye kya? I was like," Haanji, chahiye.....kyun?" He gave a quizzical look and gave me the papers. Sometimes it seems I am buying something from wholesale market. "ek navbharat dena, ek Saamna dena..and it goes on....." Then I went and caught my train. As usual Train bole toh supakk I dosed off. Suddenly one lady taps my shoulder and I woke up suddenly. Now Now Now, the one thing I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE is when someone wakes me up from my sleep, especially when I am in the train. Stupids, they would wake me up for all flimsiest reasons....once a lady woke me from my deep slumber and asked me time kya ho gaya hain? I was so irritated.......I burst out," Akkal nahi tumko? Dikhta nahi so rahi hoon? time ke lioye uthaaneka kya?" She stood there chup chaap. IDIOTS! Haan, back to the story.....She wakes me up and then she asks me my newspapers!! ****Ding Dong**** I had forgotten to keep my newspapers inside my bag. So there I was....apne compartment ki newspaper vendor distributing papers. One lady actually asked me," Ek Saamna dena" I was like grrrr...."Saamna khatam ho gaya...aage jao! :P" Thus all my papers made a compartment darshan before they finally landed on my hands. sleep gone by now :( :(

Ummmm......Something offtrack.....One professor of mine is leaving Mumbai for Pune permanently. He moved out because he wanted his chotu daughter (all of 1 yr old) to grow in a small town, have a slow paced life. I dunno how, but I somehow seemed to agree with his take. Mind you, I lovee Mumbai, but i dunno, his decision seemed perfect, it made sense....Well, dunno, i'm happy for him :D Also , I like Pune :D :D

Chalo now, lemme get back to work.....seeya soon, dont ask me when coz I myself dunno! Tadah!

p.s.: have u ever tried walking on the road with a copy of a ummmmm....... Navakal in ur hand? I did and boy, it was funny....people's reactions..BUHAHAHAHA! :P Anyways, me off!

PPS: Shonu's Budday today.........ppl, go and wish her! :D :D *Hugs* girl, have a great day......! All da best to you........:D :D

PPPS : ok....Saamna is Shiv Sena's mouth piece aka newspaper in Mumbai.
Navakal is also a Marathi newspaper. Ummmm....kinda downmarket with zilch news content. once they carried a news report...L K Advani dided :| :| (Am not kidding :P )

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Yo!! mez first!! :D :D :D
hehehe shobz u should start selling newspapers from now on ;) … and ya will u write for my jammy sunday times :D

2004-09-03 20:39

MY OPINION on this post is that u are way to frustrated with life and projects.. its etched in eah and every word of this post!!:P:P>. i know very well cause i used the same kinda post when i had submissions !!:P babe!! take a nice little breather.. and a hot bath! works all the time! ..:) peace!

hey!1 navakal is a very super super ghat paper!!:P:P.. sheesh.. they always keep the morale up by printing all sorts of feel good the advani one for eg! wouldnt this world be atleat a little bit more peaceful without tht man.. not tht it would make any great difference.. there will be someone else to replace him.

walk on a street carrying a navakal!!..NOW Tht can only happen in goddamn dombivali!!.. ugh!!

2004-09-03 23:56

just one problem. if u cant read urdu what kindoff research can u do with an urdu newspaper???
ps: andy i dont think u can make sucha big genral statement out of this post. ans she said she liked it, right???

2004-09-04 05:56

Bhai: Hahahahaha! Acha kaam hain….:P:P

Andy: Oh wow! :P **Clap Clap****…….u managed top find about my frustration :P :P Yea, re the workload is kinda lots now..but well, it will get over soon :) (I carried Navakal in town.buhahahaa :P :P)

Shodz: Hey Shodz! We have couple of stduents in my class who read Urdu. Also we were required to analyse Urdu papaers, so we had to go and talk to people who know Urdu and stuff…I hope ur doubts are cleared. Glad u dropped by, keep visiting :)

2004-09-04 07:15

i know .. no navakal & newspapers… all those stocks of newspapers must have.. "mastram's" hidden beneath them … ;)

2004-09-04 07:59

man i feel like i shud like give u my thesis and then u cud do it and send me ovoer ur hard work ;) and then like i cud take all the credit for it. its the way the world works.

2004-09-04 08:32


2004-09-04 14:42

Newspaper waali Shobz !!!! ;));):D:D:D Seriously me thinks if U sell away all he newspapers U mite have,u dont need pocket money for a few months !!! ;):P:P:P And HAPPY BUDDAY SHONU !!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

2004-09-05 03:39

aiyyu poor mithu! kitna kaam karti hain:P. tera train journeys ka stories r so funny:P. kaam jaldi khatam kar:D! and happy budday sonpariiiiii!!

2004-09-05 04:55

i want mid-day with extra mid-day mates……buhahaha

2004-09-05 07:12

:) And u r sure u still want to go to ACJ?…..:)…..will talk to u sometime about how the torture theme works there:) Appedi irkaye kanna?

2004-09-05 12:46

heyhey!!!!! :D grin

2004-09-05 13:40

Gundu: yea yea, I know wot u do n0ow behind those bada bada engg books :P :P

Candy: Candy….*I bow to thee*….Kya fundaa hain life ka…..except tht u still expect tht i will fall for it? :P :P :P

Shonu: Hie sweetie! :)

Deeps: Well..umm…yea I still wanna study in ACJ. U may think I am some kind pf masochist…but um…I like doing projects of this sort :D

Malu: I am seriously considering the idea……….ummmm!;) :P

Reiya: haan re, kya karoon…..yea, my trains are seriosuly funny…….BUT FOR OTHERS… grrrrrr……

idli: Hey hey Hey Hey grin *grin* :P Epdi irukaye nee?

2004-09-05 18:04

selling newspapers? lol…

2004-09-05 19:39

somebody asks time n u shout…:(*aaj kal ke bachhon……shhhhhh! sad* but then, wen somebody asks for time, give them one tight slap:D….n temme wot happens then:P its been so long since i listened to a good action story;)

2004-09-05 20:12

Tia: yea, LOLOL :P

Lakku: All action U wanna see at my expense haan….hmmmm! :P

2004-09-05 21:02

Commenting after a long time !
Let me know how the Tamil papers stack up compared to the others :D

2004-09-07 16:20

if u call the Dhananjoy case, India-Pak and Indo-China relations/wars, Vietnam, Iraq "CHOTU" issues, then may i have the audacity to ask u mam,

u say ur a media student and then u add that all those are trivial issues?????
oh and since im so pissed off, let me add, A TRAIN IS NOT A GODDAM PLACE TO SLEEP.
another thing, im sure u musta been a bad letter writer back in school, since wen did pple start adding three post scripts to a letter and calling them post post script and post post post script???

2004-09-22 09:43

dear Mr. Andy,


2004-09-23 22:33


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