Monday, September 06, 2004

Teaching, me etc.

Yesterday was Teachers day. I don't want to go gaga about teachers have influenced my life and blah blah! (That maybe sometime later in another post)They have no doubt had a tremendous impact in my life. But today I want to talk about something else.

My mommie is a teacher. She teaches the kiddos, the primary section..from std.1st to std.5th. I always tell Amma that she's the most luckiest person. I have enjoyed teaching of whatever little I have done till now. (genes I guess) Teaching, I believe is one of the very jobs which actually make a difference in lives of thousands of people.......directly. It is one profession which is emotionally so gratifying. At the end of the day one does feel good about themselves after having taught people. I don't know why i did not take up teaching as a career. I could have probably. But I dislike the correction and the evaluation bit. I see Amma with those hundreds of Answer papers and I know that I don't want that. I can't see myself doing that all my life. But does come as a part of the package. I remember when I was in 11th std i.e. 3-3.5 yrs ago one family friend of ours came to me very tensed. His son S was struggling with Maths. S barely passed in his semesters scoring barely 40%. I agreed coz he's almost like a bro to me, a kiddo with whom I had grown up with. I only used tot each him during weekends. But well...he scored 75% in his final exams and I was obviosuly on top of the world. I used to enjoy the whole process so much. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I read this Manmohan Singh wonders how he lande dup in politics and talks about How teaching is his first love. I agree with him completely. Later he goes on to say how teachers shape the nation and all the usual stuff.

On the teachers' role in nation building, he said. "Teachers shape the minds of the children who are the future of the nation."
They impart a value system, groom personality of children, he said. "A lot depends on what you teach."

Well....The conditions of teachers are pathetic in Maharashtra. The oldies don't have much of a problem. But the new batch of teachers are in absolute sad condition. Every new teacher appointed by schools and colleges are appointed on a contract basis with a measly Rs.3000 per month. Whether their contract would be revived every year would be a permanent question mark. After some years years , may be they might get permamnent. All is RAMBHAROSE! Not many educated people are opting for teaching, especially in the primary level. Teaching Higher secondary and college is kinda economically helpful for the teachers because of the mushrooming coaching classes. Its like a vicious circle....U don't pay well in colleges, teachers opt for cocahing classes wherein students like us willingly pay fees thousand times more than what we pay in the colleges and then one can find people teaching well in classes but not well in colleges and all sort of unethical practises. I had a teacher in my school who used to conduct her owning coaching classes. She wouldn't teach properly in school and if in case anyone would ask for doubts she would indirectly hint at joining her classes, shamelessly!

The number of younsters taking to teaching as a profession is depressingly low especially in the primary level. That's the age when one mould's the minds of the children, if the teachers are substandard there, what future are they creating? Many a times I have found children are more knowledgeable than teachers....Its a sad situation out here, really sad. Even one wants to stem the rot, its impossible to make a career with such measly sum of money as salary. Not everyone can do social service, can they unless they have huge potloads of money? That's why I dislike the Ambanis coz they have started a school wherein the monthly fees of a student is 1 lakh :| And then they talk about their commitment towards education. What a whole load of bull! With the kind of money they have, they can do so much......*sigh* But they bloody wanna make money in the field of education too. Huh!

With this kind of sad treatment meted out to teachers, INDIA'S future is dark!

Hats off to Vardan Kabra and Ghazala & Irfana :D :D In times like these, they are breath of fresh air :D :D

I have met Ghazala and Irfana, will narrate my lovely experience about that sometime later. :) Check this out too.

(Please do take time to read it.)

and yes.....

Happy teachers day

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

just something from my side.
1) theres no evaluation critereon with which u would be statisfied. period. having said that i would be in absolute agreement with the fact that many improvements can be made. infact the very first and most far reaching change should be in the attitude. like for exp; the F grade should be completely abloished. its only P(pass) and NP(not Passed(no one fails))
2) Reliance is EVIL. and u can take this statement from me because i have worked there for more that a couple of months and i know that they have a pathetic psyche. dont get me started on this.
3) on a lil different note, i think we can do much without being in the teaching profession persay. i think all of us should ask ourselves the bigger question as in how and when are we going to give it back to our country. whether it is vardan kabra or ghazala & irfana; inspiration is what we should draw frm them.
hope it wasnt too long

2004-09-05 23:03

All this is nestled in the deepening nasty pit that is the beareaucracy of India.
While everybody says the same thing - that the children are the future of the country, all that comes out of it is just hot air (pun intended). So if something needs to be done, it should be at the grass root level.
The Fountainhead education systems seems to have started on the rite track. I did like the concept there.
And grt for ur mom, for teaching the primary classes. It must be a really enjoyable experience…

2004-09-05 23:17

Just happened to stumble across ur blog today and couldnt resist voicing my thoughts on the subject of "Teaching". I was quite impressed reading ur thoughts about this profession. I believe it is one of the few professions wherein you stand to gain either tremendous amount of respect or ,on the flip side, the worst reviews from students, depending on your philosophy of teaching. I sort of get pissed off with some ppl who tend to ask this rather annoying question - "Why do you want to be a teacher ? Theres nothing (by nothing they obviously mean green bucks) in this profession." I believe every day is a learning process and it tends to get extraordinarily fascinating when you share this knowledge to a few other ppl. Anyway a very Happy Teachers Day and definitely a big round of applause for your mother.

2004-09-05 23:44

whoa! vardan kabra. my hostel fellow and my senior :D.

2004-09-06 07:17

What are you blaming the Ambanis for?? Like it's there fault!! They'll run the school only as long as there are people willing to pay for it!

Maybe this school has all the facilities in the world….so they charge for it. what's wrong in that?

2004-09-06 08:00

Shodz: I completely agree with you when you say that one needn't involve ourselves into teaching in order to do something better. I never implied that. I guess we all can do our small bit instead of crticising everyone left right and centre.
Also the education system and the evaluation system sucks in india. We still have ranks..which is pretty sad, the fate of an individual is determined by one particular board exams and stuff….I dunno if the system would be ever rectified! :( BTW Do you blog?

Sat: U bet , my mom enjoys it throughly…..:)

Bhaskar: Hey, Glad u dropped by :) I agree with u in toto. Teaching sure is fascinating :)

Pravin: u seem to know all the supakk people from IIT, lucky dude !! Kuch seekh unse :P :P:P:P

Suds: I agree with yopu. Ours is a democarcy and people are feee do pursue anything they wish to. But…when you start a school with a fees of 1 lakh per month, please don't talk about COMMITMENT TOWARDS EDUCATION! They are making money, make it and be quiet and don't talk abt commitment bull shit. Don't you think its a slap in the face of a society where there are scores of people who go hungry everyday? In India education can't be treated a business…..It is still a lauxury for many… responsibilty comes as a package, one ought not to ignore it. :)

2004-09-06 08:34

happy teacher day:D! do wish ur mum:)

2004-09-06 12:35

heyy :D ding :)
kya bolun :P

2004-09-06 15:36

man the ambanis are to blame. as i said they really have a pathetic psyche. even for purposes of charity they look for ways to save money.
in the technical sense, yes i do blog. is what u must hit. but i only write about some tech stuff that i read and working on. might not be of much intrest to u.
pS: i am not advertising my blog

2004-09-06 18:17

i know why the guy got 75 % … he muist have thot.. if i dont study now .. this budbud torture will be bck again for the next exam to teach me.. so i better study now …. buhahahaha

2004-09-06 18:39

off-topic : since ur blog says 'i, me and media' i just rread Ed Brill`s comments on Dall GiLlmor`s "We, the media". thought u might be intrested. check out http://www.edbril…

2004-09-06 21:17

i couldn't agree more. we definitely need to inject a fresh new perspective into teaching. as for myself, my ambition is to be a teacher. i've taught a few students over the years (some for money and some otherwise) and enjoyed it immensely. from the effort you put in to try and bring the subject into the student's understanding, to the subtle joy that one feels when the student does well. its wonderful.

i was reading the fountainhead school's website and i'm quite impressed with the idea. happy teacher's day!

2004-09-07 08:06

v celebrated teachers day in engg coll on sat…….lolol………..rotfl….lol

2004-09-07 11:47

not related to the post shobs, me gng to warsaw for a year.

2004-09-07 14:00

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.
hats off to "vardan".nice writeup.

2004-09-08 05:20

Good post. With a population of one billion and growing, we need to find different ways to educate so many young minds. A major reform is needed. Hope all is well :).

2004-09-08 16:22

And I totally forgot about Teachers Day,
There was a time when Teachers day used to be holidays, or atleast Half a day.
Nothing of that here.

2004-09-08 21:24

I am a teacher too..part time hi sahi..i still teach :P (ahem ahem) happy teachers day indeed!

2004-09-09 06:52

ever since i myself started teaching…my respect for my own teachers has grown ten-fold since I have realized the uniqueness of the job

2004-09-09 18:57

Hey Shobhs…actually that's really interesting. I was speaking to a frined of mine who is in Yr. 11, and she told me how she had to leave the coaching school she was attending because so many of her teachers from that school were at the coaching school and these teachers by contract weren't allowed to teach there students outside of school hours and make a profit! I thought that was quite wonderful!

I had some fabulous teachers who took plenty of time off to teach us outside of school hours - simply because they wanted to - and yet, even in Australia, it is one of the lowest paying jobs - higher pay in private schools and at university level, but the poor government schools survive on minimum wages! It sucks!

2004-09-10 09:43

Reiya: Sure to re :) Wish Kiya :)

Bhai: Post padh :p

Shodz: Will sure chk it out. Thanks for the link too…:)

Manan: Teaching is lovely…

Russel: Kya hain usmein hasne ki baat? :P

Gans: WOW! damn cool……wot abt ur andaman trip?

Kaidon: Thanks Kaidon, keep visiting :)

Keshav: hey keshav! Long time, how r u? Have u started ur own blog yet?

Sat: Teachers Day is celebrated only in India, in the honor of our ex-president's Mr.Radhakrishnan's b'day. :) Obviosuly it wudnt be celebrated thr na….

Ridhish: belated happy teachers day to u too…. :)

Vidya: Is it same all over? shit ya……

2004-09-10 20:58

ok if the ambani's charge that kinda fees from the students,,, why the hell dint u mention about the kinda fees they pay to teachers of the school. c'mon, stop bein so damn biased. i know education is important, but u seem confused, im sorry, but u really do seem confused

2004-09-19 20:01

and btw, hurt you it will, but practically, education IS a business

2004-09-19 20:04

and since u insisted on me educating myself, here u go, following ur style, here u go, the ambanis DO NOT charge that wierd amount that u mentioned. pls do check the link and educate me further ma'am… http://prayatna.t…

2004-09-23 22:13

That was a mistake. i will rectify it. But it doesn't negate the fact that the fees there is obscenely costly completely out of reach of middle class and even upper middle class for that matter….chk this out http://www.da-is….

2004-10-03 12:26


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