Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Me back!!!!!!!!

Well this is too Narcissistic a title to have"Me back!" But what the hell, i dont care coz i am happy that i have at last got time to blog again. This is one of the longest blogging breaks i have ever taken. The previous one i took did not make any difference coz there nobody noticed it except for a few. But this time there's a difference.....Lotsa ppl noticed it and again if i may add ppl missed me;) hehehehe! Now i guess i should stop right here and do what i do best i.e. Blog! ;)

Lotsa things happened in the span of 10 days! Most prominent being "The mumbai bomb blasts" Its scary that its been happening at an alarming regularity. But at the same time Life in Mumbai goes on as ususal. he greatness of the people and the city here is that "Nothing can bog them down! I love and admire this city for its spirit and am glad that i belong to this lovely city.

There has been an ample media coverage for the blasts. Afetr watching the telecasts i was unhappy. 2 reasons:
Aaj Tak which is one of the highest watched News Channels in India came out with an absolute blooper declaring that "there have 4 bomb blasts instead of the 2. the additional one being somewhere near Marine lines and Near Mumbadevi Mandir. I initially saw Aaj tak and almost panicked. But later when i saw NDTV 24X7, I got the info that only 2 bomb blasts had happened and they also reassured us that the info is correct and there is absolutely no need to worry. I was absolutely confused. I didnt know whom to believe. then later it was confirmed that there were only 2 bomb blasts.
Now Aaj Tak being such a reputed channel, it was very irresponsible on their part to misreport like this. Thousands of people tune into Aaj Tak for news. They have all been misinformed now. Ina away the channel has been instrumental in rumour mongering. If there wouldn't have been immediate clarification by other news channels there would have been wide-spread panic. The credibility of the channel is doubted now. Aaj Tak in a quest for being "sabse tez" doesn't allot time time to verify facts. Also this is not the first instance of misreporting by Aaj Tak.

Also I was absolutle grossed out seeing the Blast footage of Aaj Tak. It was disgusting. I agree Bomb Blasts can't be a pretty sight. But with so much blood around it can be very depressing and gross. Lemme give u a example. During the WTC bombing did anyone see a drop of blood, a songle dead body? Absolutely not coz none was reported. I think that Indian news should emulate the aspect of honouring and maintaining the "Dignity of the dead". Again in the quest to be "sabse Tez" and first they have resorted to such measures. But i guess its high time they realised their responsibilities that comes as a part of being a news channel.

Another shcoking revelation but something which we all knew. If u r wondering what i am talking about click here

Anyways seeya and see forth!
(psst........waiting for lot of................comments from all ya guys!)

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