Sunday, August 31, 2003

Mumbai- Stop-stare-go to work

My city, My place, Mumbai. I am writing this post after reading articles, columns etc. talking about the resilience of Mumbai. Yeah, its indeed amusing that immediately an hour after the blast at gate way of India, life went on as usual. Few days after the blast Indian Express editor, Maharshtra Chief Minister SushilKumar Shinde strolls on the promenade in front of the taj hotel ( outside the hotel the bomb blasts took place) with Indian express editor in chief interviewing him. He is accompanied by only some plain clothed policemen. The stock market goes up by nearly 150 points a day after the balsts. Its amazing that there is no panic, no tension visible in mumbai. Life goes on as usual. Mumbai is known for its businesslike approach and mumbaikars are known for their spirit. I am sometimes just awe struck by the attitude of the people here. I was at the college when i hrd about the bomb blasts. There was a general buzz in the classroom and when we came to know that 2 simultaneous blasts had taken place, it really unnerved me cause it reminded me of the 1992 bomb blasts. I ventured out of the college anticipating tension but it was just life as usual. I saw frenzied activity only in the televison channels. The city was normal as if nothing had happened. There was no call for bandh too. Infact when a guy from my class told that he will not come to college the next day cause he anticpated trouble because of the bomb blasts he was laughed at. His concernes were valid but he was given this "are u mad" kind of a look.

A television channel reported rampant partying at the happening discs in Mumbai. The attendance was full. This was on the day when the twin bomb blasts took place. Now this is definitely not resilience. This is an extremely insensitive attitude. Apathy if i can say. Mabbe all this stems out from the fact not a big deal was made out of the blasts. I dunno.

But no one can say that Mumbai doesn't have an heart. when Indian express reported of a bunch of kids who became orphans due to the blasts, help poured from all corners.

Also I think that the 'chalta hain' attitude which is so characteristic to we indians helps us to over come incidents of such magnitude. It seems that an average mumbaikar has become immune to incidents like this. But one can also see this line of resilience being crossed resulting into insensitiveness.

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