Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Raksha Bandhan

Well yesterday was raksha bandhan. I somehow feel lost on every raksha bandhan everyyear. Coz i am the only child. Always wanted to have an older brother. Well i somehow don't have any "mooh bola" brothers and very firmly I dont belive in tying rakhis just for the heck of tying them. Coz i belive in the sentiment behind tying rakhis and not the ritual tying rakhis per se.
But guess what i had a great day today! i am the member of a youth organisation. We as a part of a project visited "ASTITVA", a home for mentally challenged people and tied rakhis to the mentally challenged guys over there. Felt so nice............... It was an emotionally rewarding experience. It feels really sad when i see their condition. They inhabit in a world which is their own. Some of them were so happy seeing us, they were overjoyed when we tied rakhi to them, but i think they were more happy by the fact that we treated them with lotsa sweets and chocolates. Some of them were in real good mood that day coz their sisters and family members had visited them. One of them was dancing with joy coz his sister was getting married. One of them spoke so well with me in english that i was shocked when i heard that he was a borderline case, an euphemism for a mentally unstable person. It was an absolute humbling experince which made me thank god for the fact that i was not one among them. Will visit them often............Anyways seeya!
Love, Shobha

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