Saturday, August 02, 2003

FLICK........FLICK....... Stop!
Hello ppl! well blogging after quite a few days........... Lemme share an interesting incident with you guys. Yesterday i was on my way to college in the morning. I was all sleepyand tired, me not morning person at all. I was on my way to the bus-stop when i saw a bunch of street urchins, not an uncommon sight in Mumbai at all. They all had unkempt hair, dirty clothes but a lovely smile on their faces. ( all this seems so common, but i guess this doesn't get any ironical than this! ) I wondered how can they be so happy with so much hardships!!!!!! Alongwith them there was a lady with a child in her arms. I preseme that she was the mother of few of the children loitering around over there. Suddenly a group of children huddled around the mother and then started walking casually in my direction. A few collge students too were walking beside me. Suddenly i saw a small girl of probabaly 8 years old cooly opening a compartment of the bag of a college student with the college student completely oblivious to the whole situation. The kid was so adept at her art that she maintained her cool inspite of the presence of so many people on the road. And here i was walking real fast with my eyes totally fixed on the bus stop searching for my bus. I dunno how but suddenly amidst all these chaos i just happened to glance at my right where this young girl is coolly attempting to flick something. Seeing her at work i screamed. On hearing my scream the girl looked at me with a glint in her eye ( note: no fear at all) and befor anything could be done she coolly dispersed off in the crowd. It was then i noticed that all this was happening with her mother's guidance. Then i proceeded towards the college girl and told her what happened and asked her to check her bag. She freaked cause the compartemnt which the girl was fiddling with was the place where she had kept her mobile phone. She thanked me profusely on seeing her mobile safe and sound.

OK........ so the start to my morning was not too bad but it really pained me too see these little kids indulge in theft and that too under their parent's supervision. But i guess poverty makes one do all nasty things in life. Maybe she might have needed money for her ailing brother, maybe she might have needed money for paying off the mortagage, maybe............. and the list goes on...... and thus i saw another case of "Death of innocence".

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