Saturday, August 02, 2003

Mr. & Mrs. Iyer
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watta movie! watched Mr. & Mrs. Iyer for the first time and was completely bowled over by it. Now i realise watta loser i have been having watched the movie sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many days after its release. But as they say " Better late than never........ and i console myself.

This movie personifies " beauty in subtelity" such a beautiful movie but with such a powerful message but is devoid of any unnecessary drama. the movie hits you hard at appropriate places. Well for the unitiated, Mr. & Mrs. Iyer is a movie which shows communal tensions in India and how it affects the lives of 2 individulas a tamil brahmin played by konkana sen ( excellent acting) and a mulim photographer played by Rahul Bose ( cant keep my eye off him............... well now that's another story altogether.) Konkana sen is just perfect as a tamil brahmin lady. her accent was a revelation. Hard to believe that she is a bong female. They have worked very hard on costumes and the minute details of the chracter played by konkana which adds authenticity to her role. The customs, prejudices potrayed are all the same. I can say this beacuse i am a tam-bram myself. Even though i am not afflicted with any of the prejudices she is shown to have, i have seen such people in real life as icome in contact with so many "Mamis" of my community. The conservative upbringing reflects during her intercations with Rahul bose. Speaks of an amazing eye for details and characterisation. They have done their homework well.......... very well i should say! Rahul bose plays his part to perfection as amuslim photographer Jehangir chowdhary. Such subtle acting, he is amazing.

The movie has some excellent moments. The scene where Meenakshi comes to know about Raja aka jehangir to be muslim, her reaction is amazing. It really hits her as a bolt of lightening coz she is unable to stomach the fact that she has intercated with a Muslim, let him handle her child etc. This is where her conservative values are tested! But the scene where she shows exemplary courage and compromise of her values by declaring Raja as her husband when rioters barge into the bus. The most beautiful part of the movie is the relationship that meenakshi and raja share. During their last train journey when one sees subtle hints of both of them develpoing feelings for each other, one wishes the journey goes on forever..... But the end grounds you to reality. The journey of prejudices meenakshi from a conservative tam-bram to a mature woman who realises the foolishness of her beliefs is gradual and indeed beliveable.

The communal riots that are shown really potray the sorry affairs of the country. The typical scene in the bus wher literally mini-India is created is tribute to the unique diversity in our country. Bhishm Sahni and Surekha sikri play their parts as a muslim couple to perfection. Your heart goes out to them when they rioters drag them out to kill them.

An absolute briliant movie and if anyone has still not watched plzz watch it soon.
love, shobha

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