Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Absentminded Me! (*angry*)

Well In the past few months I have been shamelessly forgetting a lot of my frens' bdays which is a very irritating thing to do. Irresponsible, Careless and i can go on and on about myself. I feel disgusted at myself. I have always loved B'days. For me Bdays are special days and I get irritated when people forget to wish me on my B'day. Imagine me doin the same thing! Yucks! I am very angry at myself.

This blog has become an integral part of my life. I love yapping around here and also eagerly await u guys' comments on my various posts. I want to wish all u guys on ur bdays too. But knowing my absent minded behaviour, I am sure I will forget all ur b'Days. Therefore i plan to write ur bday's alongside ur names on my blogroll. In this way i won't (hopefully) forget ur bdays as a momentary galnce will be enuff to remind me of the B'days. I request all u guys to plz write down ur bdays in the comments box. It will be easy for me. Thank u! Byeeeeeeee

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