Saturday, October 25, 2003

Ethics! Wats that????????

Ethics anbody......NAaah!
Our filmstars and cricketers endorse umpteen number of products. So much so that Sachin Tendulkar is a brand in himself. (almost worth 100 crore) Use of celebrities in advertizing in India has been rampant in India. People look upto the celebrities as they lend a credibility by their association their brand. By recent events force me to think otherwise.

One of the biggest bloopers in can rememeber was the h"HOMETRADE" commercial. Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan endorsed the fiasco that was home trade. When the whole scam was busted, the celebrities were obviously asked for an explanation it came as a total shock to me when they actually had answers like "I had no idea about the activities of home trade." Hello.....wat on the earth were u doin when u signed the agreements? Such are the people who are considered as role models in India. Sheeeeeeesh!

Recently Coke and Pepsi were accused of having large amounts of pesticide content in them. When the filmstars were asked about their association with products which are considered poisonous their replys ranged from a "No comments to I am under contract, I am not supposed to speak anything to What rubbish,I have been drinking Coke since so long, nothing ever has happened to me!" Ok then the people who painstakingly did all the research are fools as compared to ur knowledge! Duhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Now i see Aamir Khan in a new defensive Coke ad in which Coke is trying hard to steer away from the controversy. Sometimes I think public figures in India have absolutely no conscience. How can they associate themselves with products which they know are harmful. I used to hold Aamir Khan in real high esteem, but now i feel he is just one among the crowd.

Here is where i would like to mention Pulella Gopichand. Gopichand refused Pepsi's offer of Crores of rupees to endorse their brand claming that he would never endorse something which he doesn't use himself. Now that's integrity. It is really tough to resist the temptation when crores of money is offered to you. We need more Gopichands..........

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