Thursday, October 16, 2003


This is shocking. I really dunno what to say. First i hear a 17 yr old college galbeing raped by President's Abdul Kalam's guards and now the rape of a swiss diplomat's daughter. Wat the hell!!!!!! *v.v.v.v.v.v.angry* I feel Delhi is one of the most unsafest place for WOMEN in India inspite of being the capital of India. Indians are obsessed with fair skin. Poor Phirangi women who come to tour India always have to take extraa care of themselves from the preeing and staring eyes of 'WE INDIANS". One of the pointers in Lonely planet about India is that Phirangs (women) are actually seen as 'AVAILABLE' and are considered to be easy proposition. Wow! so much of our culture and all such shit! If i rememebr right Mark Waugh had once said if there was a "STARING COMPETITION" amongst various nations, India would win hands down.

Trains in Mumbai always have a cop stationed at a ladies compartment for so-called protection. What will a gal do when protectors become devils. That's wat happened to a female travelling alone in the ladies compartment and this cop attempted to molest her. But fortunately the compartment was adjacent to gents compartment and when the nest stop came she ran towards the nest compartment and then the gents bet the scum to a pulp. A few days ago when I was goin to my college again desperately trying to sleep when my attention was diverted to this group of ladies talking abt the same case which i just mentioned. This is how the conversation went.

Lady 1: u know wat happened the other day at the ladies compartment?

lady 2: Oh yeah i know! bad na! i feel bad for the gal.

lady 1: but u know wat i nowdays dont feel bad for gals. They deserve it. ( Shobha reacts:huh!) They are inviting the problem. U shud see the way they dress up nowadays. all short top and jeans u know! (Shobha again reacts Huh! *shocked*)
......... and then they began a tirade of stories of how they have seen gals wearing "Bad" outfits.

And i was like Duhhhhh! Before i cud open my moith and something to them my station came. I wanted to say that no matter how a gal is dresses in India, every woemn is equally subjected to the risk of rape. Even if one is covered from head to toe, it makes absolutely no difference.

I dont understand this dumb mentality......y are gals always blamed. Y arent the guys reprimanded for their misdoings. Y arent they told to keep their D*** in their pants. Just becoz they get aroused easily, women are advised to dress accordingly. Wat whole load of bull! Also the faulty law system in India gives the men in India ample leeway to commit such heinous acts. Its high time Justice given is soon and prompt. Its high time that delhi police pulls up its act and ensure Delhi is a safe place for women.

P.S. Well i think people commiting such heinous crimes shud be given DEATH PENALTY! Nothin else can stop this menace i feel. When everything else fails fear works! Whaddaya guys think?

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