Monday, December 13, 2004

BJP flip flops

Something very funny is happening within BJP. Earlier it was Uma Bharti who publicly raised uncomfortable questions in total media glare and today it is Smriti Irani who takes the charge.

Today by afternoon TV channels showed Smriti Irani's outburst..err....Can't really call it outburst, it was more of a well thought out statement actually which she made, demanding Gujarat CM Narendra Modi's ouster/resignation. She stated that BJP's image as a national party and Atal Bihari Vajpayee's image has taken a beating owing to the fact that Narendra Modi didn't resign when he was supposed to, didn't fulfill his moral obligations so as to speak. She wanted to make sure that the blot in Vajpayee's image as a PM of India which was tarnished because of Narendra Modi not resigning when the situaion demanded that.

It's amusing that she is raising the issue now after so many days. What was she doing when Vajpayee publicly said Gujarat was a mistake and that Narendra Modi should have gone out? Its weird, very weird. Why does she have to make a publicity stunt like this? Doesn't she get like tons of publicity as Tulsi? Weird Weird Weird! This is a classic case of instigation I feel or may be some personal motive.

Then came another twist when she took back all that she said. It was very funny when the channels aired the assertive Irani voicing her "concerns" and a glum, sullen faced Irani taking back her statement. It was as if a child was made to say, I am sorry, I wouldn't do this again in front of the whole school assembly. She didn't even look at the camera and read the whole statement out. I am curious to know "Aage kya hoga..." This is going to be fun, lot of fun. Ha ha!

Tubelight thought of the day: Ambition and Laziness make a sad sad combo. and yea...I hate MONDAYS!!!!


Anonymous said...

me first. didnt read post :p 

Posted by dee

Anonymous said...

another thought - ambition and laziness make an excellent combo if being lazy is your ambition :) 

Posted by Kishore

Anonymous said...

Which simply means the lady is out of pupa. Another politician is born. 

Posted by josh

Anonymous said...

and u know what...she even thereatened to go on Fast unto death..!!!
yeah..she was cutting a very sorry figure while reading that "I M SORRY" statement!!! ;-) 

Posted by Gaurav S Rathore

Anonymous said...

I think everyone hates Mondays.. for once, i would like to meet someone who can honestly say tht he loves them. 

Posted by Handa

Anonymous said...

Tulsi bani talwaar...Aur phir se Tulsi ;)

Kuch hoga nahin as such..Smriti Irani has put an end to her non-exsistent political career :D ROTFL !!!!

She should just stick to being Tulsi..She does a fairly good job at it shud I say :) 

Posted by Sam

Anonymous said...

Dee: jaa doob mar!and this kind of first doesn't count if you don't read the post! :|

Kishore: Oh god.....pjjjj! :P

Josh: Oh yea, you bet!

Gaurav: hehehee! she bigtime did!

Handa: Oh yea.actually na, even I would like to meet sucha sample!

Sam: ahahhahaa..tulsi bani talwar :P ehehehehee!


Posted by Shobha

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

aint they call it politics???????

2004-12-12 20:51

vinasha kale vipareeta budhi…
This is just true for BJP

2004-12-13 05:05

@ da time vajpayee raised the issue .. she was busy sorting out her 5th najayaj baccha .. from her 3rd mihir look alike … but she just realised narandra modi was also part of KSBKBT crew once.. & dat he is the pop of her 3rd najayaj baccha .. hence the outburst .. bwahahaha

2004-12-13 06:45

hi shobzz…went thru the posts i missed…

lovely reads..absolutely lovely reads..:)

2004-12-13 09:53

LOL Indian politics is funny !!! what next ?? I hate mondays too !! :)

2004-12-13 12:21

Hey kiddo, how u doing? Me is fine…back on track:)
PS: Wrote my take on the issue too. Take a look

2004-12-13 19:27

hmm.. dont care less for the antics for the BJP!!. but u can add one more yedi female to that list… sushma swaraj!!..remember how she came out all guns blazing after meeting sankaracharya and annoucning to the world that he was innocent and be realeased and all tht shit!!!.. well.. popat thaiy gayo ne!!!! :P:P:P..
kuch bhi some ppl would do to get to the news..and the bjp are gettin desperate coz they are not able to finD ANYTHING to turn the screws on the present govt…..YET!…..
aage aage dekhte hai.. hota hai kya!?….:P…
and tubelight thought of the day was perfect!!!!… and im living proof of THAT!!!!.. i like mondays though.. got holidays on mondays!!! :D:D: :D/

2004-12-14 08:14

:P… Ananthakrishnan!!!!!???… AIYO!!.. :D:D.. that was my grandfathers name.. and i was named after it too!!! :D:D.. HUGGGGGGss ….ahem.. :P

2004-12-14 08:17

This time BJP ka antic is mighty interesting, what with our basic womanly instinct of gossipping our asses off! grin

Btw you are a member of the Indo-Pak forum? Am I impressed or am I impressed! :D

fervently hoping I have you all intrigued as to how I found that out

2004-12-14 09:51

Who Andy? Who Toinky? Wwo Apple? Wwho Shobha!?:P

2004-12-14 18:17

hi there! howz it going…me not getting enough time to laugh my ass off hearing all those funny things at even more funny err pitiable? news channels…
enjoy n take care

2004-12-15 10:20

Shodz: Polictis is supposed to be clever, not foolish like this, i think :P

Ananthakrishnan: LOLOL….

Gundu: Oh yeaa.was waiting for the buhaha justification of it :P nevertheless……LOLOLOLOL!

Shonu: hey baby, howwie you re? Hows coll and all?

Pallavi: Pallavi, lets start We-hate-mondays club..wotsay?

Andy: You are one of those lucky bums who have chuttis on mondays!grrrrr

Apple: Andy, toinky.take your pic:P :P :P I know its Andy :P ehheheheeeee!

Vaibhav: Have a nice laugh! ehehhee

Deeps: i checked it out :) I am good re…happy tos ee you back in action :)

2004-12-19 12:44


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