Sunday, December 05, 2004


I don't know why my Sundays get over so soon......:( We students in India know nothing what a weekend means like as most of the times we have our colleges working full day on Saturdays (save the engineering colleges) So all, that we get is ONE SUNDAY! Not Fair, not fair at all!!!!!! One day is just not enough to relax or well Sunday should have 48 hours!

Sometimes I wonder about the whole hooplah about a Sunday and Monday Morning blues etc. A day by any other name would be just the same. What if we all had a thrusday off other than a Sunday? Yea, then we would probably have Jolly Wednesdays and the works....But well, My lament remains.....MY SUNDAY IS ALMOST OVER.....:((

R K Naryan describes the Sunday groove in a perfect way in his essay, Next Sunday. (Incidentally for all the Mumbaiites, you can read the essay in the Sunday Mid-day today.

"Sunday is the day most looked forward to by everyone. it is one day which suddenly eveporates before you knowwhere you are. Everyone knows the Saturday-evening feeling already tainted by the thoughts of Monday. what happens to the day? It is the day on which so many items are thrust-promises made of a little shopping, calling on someoneand so on and so forth, all promises, promises. there is no way out except by streching the twenty four hours to do the work of forty-eight. before one notices the forenoon is gone" .......

Aaaah, I love RK Narayan...

Sigh...My Sunday's gone! Damn! TOMORROW IS A SUPER SAD MONDAY.....DOUBLE DAMN! huh :( and the fact that I have to wake up early for a lecture that makes me even more sleepy doesn't really help.....:(

P.S. WHY DOESN'T YAHOOMAIL HAVE A SIGNOUT/LOGOUT LINK? Could any of the techie readers enlighten me please?


Anonymous said...

awwww shobhs, finish studying! and in your journalistic life,you'll start selflessly working on sundays. 

Posted by laks

Anonymous said...

Laks: :| podi! 

Posted by Shobha

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Yeah!sundays are awfully fast in passing by!..hey but thats true for only those who work or study!not for ppl like me who do neither!…apne liye…Everyday is a Sunday!

2004-12-05 17:52

i give u 1 pice of advise … sell ur comps & add some more moeny to its & u can buys a new calcy if ur lucky u will get a scientific calcy :p buhahaha ..btw.. i can see sign out link :P

& wot engineering colleges are spared… the othr 5 days we get raped royally :| 8:30 - 5 ..each day .. bastards ^%#&^#*^%#*^%#$&^$@#%^#@

2004-12-05 18:47

lolz… rite now i am having holidays so everyday is a sunday :)

2vighy: baap re baap which coll r u in… i have never been to class for more than 4 hrs on a day (avg) even if we had classes :)

Ya RK Narayanan does sum it up wonderfully. Waise in school, I used to have sundays and thursdays off, so at that time the effect of the sundays got diminished to a great extent…

As for the yahoo mail, the link is very much there. See just below the grey bar on top of the page. You have the YAHOO! MAIL logo then it says welcome and just below it, Sign out and My Account… any probs buzz me on yahoo @ k_power_infinity

2004-12-06 02:39

i was reading your last post, and i agree with you completely. too often we follow religion just due to herd mentality and not because of self awareness of its value. this can, and has proved to be, very dangerous.

2004-12-06 10:51

God its damn monday!!
Wish everyday is sunday.. :)

2004-12-06 16:18

very true… why only student?? whole world waits for sunday(s)… When I woke up Sunday morning at the Open and stepped outside and felt the wind and rain in my face,.. hmm that makes my week. some people say A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.. i spend sunday very well in sleep, meeting friends, etc.. things which i want to do all my life… Yuva

2004-12-06 21:52
The Hissing Saint:

Ironical..isnt it? We live in pursuit of the weekend and then weep when it is finally upon us.

Sigh…All I can say is …enjoy while you can….college life rocks…..when the goddamn corporate world gets its hand on you……you probably would be writing Devdas style poems…..

Have a great week ahead!!


2004-12-07 15:25

Tank god weekends are two days here. Only means that I have to work a lot harder during the other days of the week.
In the end, it just becomes that weekends are like any other day, saddled with a lot of work

And the yahoo mail signout link is just about at the top left, but right of the yahoo mail banner. In Firefox.

And start using gmail.

2004-12-07 19:56

helloooo…atlease u got sunday to relax..
u know what…i was working like a donkey even on dunday!! Poor me!!

2004-12-08 07:47

I only know that I hate mondays..
Yahoo mail.. does have a logout link !! huh how are you not getting it ??

2004-12-09 04:34

Mondays.. yuck! Its the same everywhere.. whether u r a student or otherwise..

Am sure u wd hav by now discovered the signout link in yahoo!

2004-12-09 12:10

Hee! Hee! I cannot complain. Our saturdays are off and in addition to that we hardly have our periods happening only during ordinary working hours. And get to the eye specialist as soon as possible.

I can very well see the Signout link. :-)

2004-12-09 23:38

Dhinchak: Aap jaise lucky souls bahut kam hain jee!

Gundu: I officially declare that you have lost it! and BUHAHAHAHAHA! :p

kpower: Ohh thanks for the help, I think the problemw as because I was using firefox.its solved now :) RK Narayan is awesome na!

Manan: U bet!

Yuva: Sleep, sunday and me go together :) excellent trio we are :D

Sat: I like yahoo more than gmail!

Gaurav: Awwwww!

Pallavi: YO…we are the chairpersons of WE-HATE-MONEDAYS

Chakra: yea, I finally did!

Luna: lucky bum! and this reminds me that i have actually have o go and see my eye-doc! :(

2004-12-19 13:09


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