Saturday, December 25, 2004


I was watching Indian Idol with Amma. The final 11 selected has some excellent singers I really look forward to listening. Prajakti Shukre! WHOA...what amazing talent! Amit Sana, Aditi Paul are also very good. Amma also enjoys any such music related shows.

The format of the show is , every eposide will witness the removal of a particpant who has got the least numebr of votes. This week Vishal Kothari had to leave. Surprisngly he's damn decent as a singer. But well, one can never guess the public mood as a whole. Suddenly I see another contestant with moist eyes. Turns out that both of them are very good friends, joined Indian Idol together. It must have been tough for him to see his buddy being kicked out.

This scene took me back some 2.5 years ago when me and one of my very good friend were busy pursuing various colleges for a particular degree course. We badly wanted to get admission in one particular college and wanted to be in the same college together. Both of us sailed through our entrance, GDs and PI and were awaiting the results at that college. On the result day, I went to college without my friend as she was ill. To my utter dismay, I realised that I had got through and she hadn't and I had to call her up and tell her the bad news. I was so confused because I didn't know whther to be happy that I got through or to be sad that my friend didn't. I guess that was one of the toughest thing I have ever done. I broke down while telling her the news on phone. It all seems so silly and trivial now. But at that time it didn't. We both had wanted to do the course together, wanted to be in the same college, TOGETHER! and it ain't a nice feeling when dreams crash!

I just remembered the incident when I saw the other participant with moist eyes trying hard to control himself. But well, its tough controlling emotions at times. While on this end, my eyes moistened too.

Some memories are funny. You never know when you will have a rendevous with them.


Anonymous said...

aww, ab tu aisi posts kayko nahi likh sakti? journogiri karna zaruri hai kya? dhakkan.

p.s. last line kahan se tepa? nice hai 

Posted by dee

Anonymous said...

yeah! memories are funny u never know when it crashes in on u and u end up smiling and crying at the sametime ... 

Posted by Kishore

Anonymous said...

merry xmas ... moi dear shisterrr muahhh ... kidhar gayab hai tu .. too busy wid padhai likhai :((( no time for bhai :| 

Posted by pranshu

Anonymous said...

Me and my best pal Shashi, always wanted to goto the same junior college - didnt happen. Then same engg college - didnt happen either. Atleast the same coaching class - didnt happen as well.

So we passed out, became enggs and have started working..earlier in different cities and now in diff continents !!!!!


Posted by Sam

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

wish i had a good memory. then again.. thank gawd i dont:P

2004-12-25 17:11

Sad to hear my fav participant Priyanka is out of the competition because of board exams !

2004-12-27 09:30

Isnt it the same thing which you undergo when u change or leave school for college.

I have had to experience missing a lot of my close friends, just because I had to change schools. But I also ended up making a lot of new friends.

You win some, you lose some.

2004-12-27 23:32

ur frnd must be doin tandav now :d/ buhaha .. good riddance :))

2004-12-28 20:16

never watched indian idol… somehow cant get myself to watch the tele…

2004-12-29 05:16

My &#&*% frnd broke all contacs with me cause of stupid admission thing……best frnd thaaa mera……after tat….i stopped beleiving in best friends :(

2004-12-29 17:56

i stopped watching it once it reached the voting stage… super singer is better.
cool blog u have here… just ditch the Comic Sans.

2005-01-02 12:40


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