Monday, December 20, 2004


Just yesterday I had been to my guru's place who teaches me music. My guru has a 5 year old daughter Lavanya who is extremely adorable. She's very chatty and well, we kinda bond very well. When I entered the house, I saw that she had worn something which resembled like a frock but was way too long for her so much so that it touched her toes. Before I could open my mouth to ask her about what she was wearing, she came rushing to me and said, "Shobha, see my dress, it's just like my mumma's nighty. Also I can tuck it in like this, see, see! (...and she began tucking her *whatever she had worn* in a way mom's usaully do when they work in the kitchen). You know Shobha, if I wear this na, i can be like mumma you know!" and then she went around prancing merrily around the house.

I could see that she adored her mother completely. She's in one of that phases wherein she wants to be like her mumma in every small way. I remember, when i was a kiddo, Appa was my HERO. I was fascinated by him. I used to imitate Appa in every possible way. i thought it was fashionable to loose temper like Appa did when hew as angry, so even I used to be pretend pretend angry :P I used to fascinated by believe it or not, Appa shaving his beard! Ok, don't laugh, but I was. Appa has always been deodrant-perfume freak. So I used to make a point to have deos and perfumes sprayed on my school uniforms , hehehehee! I learnt to tie my shoe laces by watching appa tie his shoe laces as I thought,nobody could tie it better. ROFLLL! I mean they seem so funny now but at that point of time nothing was more important than aping Appa. Also I used to envy Amma's wardrobe, I wanted all her sarees.

I guess it is just one of those cute kiddo phases which you soon overgrow. Somethings just don't change na! {Thank god, it doesn't :)}


Anonymous said...

hehe, ya. kids go through that phrase. usually between 2-8 they think their papa (or mumma) are everything. which is true :P 

Posted by dee

Anonymous said...

for a very long time it was my aunt whom i copied.. if she had vegetables, I had vegetables, if she sat in one way I did too.. so my mom used to make my poor aunt do what they wanted me to do... hahah 1!  

Posted by Pallavi

Anonymous said...


Posted by Kishore

Anonymous said...

Dee: Hmmm!

Pallavi: heheheheee! so cuteeee!

Kishore: *Sigh* 

Posted by Shobha

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

I used 2 follow my mom everywhere……even helped in the kitchen till i was abt 4 hehehe

2004-12-20 18:05

Cute kid :)…funny post :)

2004-12-20 18:15

Every child needs somebody to follow, to emulate and therefore lead a good path in life - can be anybody, parents, uncle, aunt, cousins….

Most cases, it is ur dad or mom, depending on who seems to be dominating the family.

I guess that having tried not to be my mom too much, I am becoming like my dad.

2004-12-20 21:47

Lovely post!!

since when did clicking pics in school campus on the last day of school become a crime?

2004-12-21 04:50

ooops!! .. sorry happened .. giggle

.. second part of comment was for some othr post :D

I used to adore an uncle .. now .. the only thing that we have in common is the waistline & if things carry on as they are, im gonna overtake him soon .. buhahaha :-s

2004-12-21 04:56

ya, but it's sooooo cute :)

2004-12-21 06:16

that is chweet:D

2004-12-21 15:43

I remember imitating this gorgeous aunt that i have…at the time she was gonna get married n i was just 9 and i tried on a sari, lipstick and even ran the comb through my hair just like she did grins…u're right….it all seems so silly now eh

2004-12-21 15:45

Awww so cute… Brings back so many memories. I used to steal my moms sarees from the drying line and try to tie it secretly over my clothes all in the front lawn. :))

2005-01-12 08:58

Russ: Awwwww, so cute Russ!

Keshav: Very cute kid :D How have you been?

Sat: Hmmmm…

Gundu: BUHAHAHAHA >:) Peturam! ;)

Kpower *Vaibhav*: :)

Jyoti: Hehehehee! U bet!

Visitra? Mom's sarees, they were like a biiiiiiiig thing to fancy!

2005-01-23 17:38


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