Friday, July 04, 2003

Hello guys! me back after a realllllllll long time! blame it on my faulty internet connection. Man!
did it not trouble me! i wanted to write about so many things, but its ok! Many things have happened in my absence! Well for starters i have inspired my pal, Ashwin to start his own blog! Whoa! feel like a godfather already or shud it be godmother, well it really shudn't matter! I read ruskin bond this week, people in small places. cool writer, quite liked him.
I was quite tired today after college. So fell asleep while travelling in the train. In the local trains in mumbai, ladies have a method of their own which ensures that people to get a seat in the train. It is something like that. Every lady will reserve a seat for themselves with another lady on the basis of where tht lady is getting down. didnt get me? Its like if i am travelling and the trains are jam packed such that there is not even a single seat to sit, then i have an oral agreement with any lady who will give me her seat after she gets down at any station she wants to. so i reserve a seat in such a manner that get to sit soon. today I was very tired with a nagging headache bothering me, but thankfully i got to sit in a crowded train too. i was very well deep in my sleep when i felt a tap on my back. i opened my eyes with great difficulty when i saw this lady standing right before me.then she asked " aapko kahan utarna hain? " ( Meaning: where do u wanna get down?) i mumbled a reply and tried to go to sleep again extremelyangry with the lady who broke my beautiful sleep. after a few minutes there was tap on my shoulder again. i opened my eyes with absolute disgust for the lady/girl who woke me up. i replied to her question and again dosed off. This kinda incidents happens often with me. Sometimes i feel i should sit with a board in hand or paste a sheet on my forehead which tells ppl where i am getting down. Atleast they will spare me when i am asleep. Any ways! seeya

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