Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I love classical music. Mine has always been a musically inclined family. i was initiated into the world of music at quite a young age. But the reasons why i started to learn music was quite different. I have 2 cousins of mine who sing veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy well. therefore they used to be the centre of attraction at every function and every auspicious occasion. ( they still are ) Now i used to be cornered with everybody lavishing praises on them. Slowly jealousy started creeping and one day i made a big huge fuss for learning carnatic music. Thus i was initiated into the world of music at the age of 7. But becoz of no genuine inclination, my interest waned and i quit. now when i am 18 i dunno how but i have suddenly started taking interest in carnatic music. ( how this happened still remains a mystery to me) i strated enjoying it whenever it was played. i even started attending concerts. And to say couple of years back i used to cringe with the very mention of classical music. Now i have again started learning classical music. Amma is very happy with the development.
Today a very embarassing thing happened with me in my music class. My music sir ( god bless him, what a divine voice) was crooning a geetham ( an aspect of carnatic music) and i followed him. I was singing quite ok but suddenly my voice cracked. It was as if when a person driving his car at full speed suddenly screeches his car to a halt. I am not comparing my singing to the speed of my car but my creaking voice to the noise which comes when brakes are applied suddenly. It was so embarassing especially in front of my batchmate who sings so wonderfully. i felt like running and hiding away somewhere. There are some days when the music lessons of mine get over so soon. But in days like this when i desperately wanna run away, the time literally comes to a standstill. I hate my throat now! that reminds me that i should have a gargle now! seeya, good day/night everybody!

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