Saturday, July 05, 2003

Yesterday was fun! our class participated in a rally promoting usage of helmets. We were divided in lots of small groups and we stood at various traffic junctions at linking road and SV road in Bandra. felt crazy and wierd doing such stuff. We had banners like " Marna mana hain, helmets peheno", "wear helmets, what's there?" and all the usual predictable ones. We had so much fun. whenever the traffic would halt coz of the red signal we would begin our work. We went to many people travelling in two wheelers urging them to wear helmets. people were amused seeing a group of students having their own share of fun. Many were also puzzled watching us. We cracked all filmi dialogues like " Aapko helmets pehenna chahiye, aapki family hain!" etc. etc. ( U have gotta a family, u gotta wear helmets!) Some of them got cheesed out while some took it in a right spirit. We even managed to caught a traffic havaldar ( policemen), now that was whole lot of fun! We were like, " u r the protector of law, u should set an example and blah blah blah! he became defensive and started arguing with us saying that they is no such law to wear helmets and all. true there exists no such law but we were just advocating safety. But talking and advising him was great fun!
seriously speaking we saw so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people not wearing helmets which is a great threat to their life as such. We saw only a handful of people wearing helmets while travelling. i really feel that mumbai should enforce compulsory wearing of helmets like some southern cities like bangalore ( i think). It would be a measure for safety!
All in all it was helluva fun! i thought that this would be the most dumbest thing i am gonna do but i had great fun! seeya!

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