Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hello people!!!!!!!!!!!! had an ok day today! well i was reading lots of posts today in various blogs. What i found really common was that so many of them had absolutely personal entries in them. I was really amazed as to how some people so eloquently put forth their thoughts and are so clear about themselves and their thoughts. i for that matter will struggle to put my most intimate thoughts on paper. Sometimes reading them seems like u r playing a role of peeping tom reading thru their personal diaries. But i guess blogging is all about that.
I dunno what u guys feel about this? Some people pen their thoughts under a pseudonym. Well that's really playing it safe. I guess anonymity gives u the freedom of expression. But if u ask me i dont think i will be able to pen down my " too personal" thoughts. But ya my musings and my views will be abound and i really dunno if u guys will be interested about knowing that??????????????????????????????????????


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