Thursday, July 10, 2003

This is bijani twins' last journey. But just look at the irony. What they wanted all their life.......individuality...........Death fulfilled it as one can see the two different coffins for them. This is very sad news. Like so many people even i wanted them to stay alive cause they were a picture of hope, grit and determination for everybody in the world. They knew it beforehand that their surgery woould involve great risks, but they went for it for something which everybody wants in life--"Individuality". I can't imagine what sort of a difficult lives they must have lead. Sacrifice being the buzzword. When i came to know the death of the first twin, i desperately hoped and prayed god that the other twin should definitely be spared of death, Alas, that was not meant to be!
Now there is a debate raging amongst the medical community and media whether the pioneer surgery should have ever been attempted. But i find the whole thing useless. The twins themselves knew about the seriousness of the operation and risks. They were the one to still go ahead inspite of knowing that either of them would survive or none at all. The doctors had done their duty to forewarn them. Suppose if the surgery would have been a success, this question would never have arode. The doctors would have been praised sky high for their efforts. Just because of their death doesn't mean that they should be condemned by saying that' " They have killed the twins" which is very harsh according to me.
Anyways may their soul rest in peace and for me they will always remain a picture of hope!

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