Sunday, July 27, 2003

Sequel, soldiers and TN media!!!!!!!!!

Wow, i couldn't have been more happier. Nagesh kukunoor is planning to make a sequel to hyderabad blues. This is amazing. I love hyderabad blues. I love it for its simplicity and the fact that the protaganist Varun was the only film character who actually thought the way i thought. I am gonna eagerly wait for its release.

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Vijay divas or better known as the kargil day. i remember those days when ndtv ( the then star news team) was a hit among all the households in India coz they actually bought the war at the drawing rooms of so many Indians. I also remember Barkha dutt's reports from the front very vividly coz that was the time i decided that i want to become a journalist. I rememeber that i was in my 9th standard that time and i was absolutely fascinated by the NDTV reporters. i used to followevery minute details of the war on the then star news. the war had affected me a lot and i felt that i had to do something for the martyrs. So myself and my friend pooled in 400 bucks( That's all we could manage) and sent it the jawan's fund. Felt so nice after doing that. It was my small way of acknowledging the valuable contribution of our beloved soldiers.

In My house my parents avidly watch the news at eight at Sun TV, one of the most popular channel amongst the south indians. They also watch news at Jaya TV. Sun TV is absolutely pro-DMK and Jaya tv being absolutely Pro-AIADMK. Sometimes i am forced to see some news in tamil owing to my parents' insistence. What i have noticed is that when Jayalalithaa government comes to power, Sun TV will have news of all the happenings which will show Jayalaithaa in bad light. They will blame the government, the chief minister and everybody related to her. The same thing happens vice versa too. If karunanidhi (DMK) is in power then Sun TV will literally show him as a demi-god, as a person who never makes any mistake as a perfect person to run the government and all blah blah! and Jaya tv will continue to potray DMK govenment as the biggest mistake happening to tamil nadu politics. Sample this. During the recent event of jayalalithaa government acting tough on the striking govt employees, the supreme court asked the govt to reinstate the employees back.
report : ( jaya tv) the supreme court praised jayalaithaa for taking a tough stand against the striking employees. The supreme court "SUGGESTED" the jayalalithaa govt to admit back the dismissed employees.

(sun tv) The jayalaithaa govt suffered a major setback when the supreme court of india asked jayalaithaa to induct all the dismissed employess back to the job. The supreme court was particularly critical about jayalaithaa govt's harsh handling of the case and ablah blah!

This is the sort of vendetta politics is being played in TN. but what saddens me is that how media is being used convinient to fulfill personal venegence so effectively. Also one can remember that when jayalaithaa came back to power she had karunanidhi arrested and the way he was man handled was shown again again on Sun TV to arouse sympathy for karunanidhi and to instigate the public against jayalaithaa whereas at the same time JAYA TV maintained a nonchalant stand and acted as if nothing like that has ever happened. I am not imlying that what jayalaithaa did was right but misrepresentataion of facts by both the parties his simply not acceptable. In all this mess the guillible public is made to belive all wrong facts. Since Jaya and Sun TV almost have a monopoly between themselves and they being such dominant players in the tamil media scene they have the capacity of influencing public opinion on a large scale. If a person is used to watching a particular channel for watching news, he will seldom check other channels for updates and this becomes a habit. just as TOI is a habit in mumbai, Statesman is a habit in kolkatta etc. It is this factor that the braodcasters are using to their full advantage. Sad.................

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