Saturday, June 19, 2004

100 & 1

As Reiya would say.......Its a supakk combo! Heheheeee! If u guys are wondering what I am talking about, well....




Yuppo! Today is my bloggie birthday. I started my blog exactly a year ago, June 20th, 2003. But the fact remains this is my second blog, but thankfully a blog which I have continued and not abandoned like the earlier one.

I became aware of the whole concept of blogging almost a year and a half back when I came across an article in India Today. I was intrigued by the whole concept. I don't know how but somehow I chanced uponKiruba's blog. That was the first blog I began reading regularly. When I started my first blog, I discontinued it very soon cause of no enthusiasm at all. But I continued reading various blogs until I decided that I will blog myself, again.

I don't know why I blog. I just enjoy it. It is a medium of self expression for me. I like the fact that there are others who comment on what I write. It is a biiiiiiiiiig motivating factor. I never wanted to write personal stuff and I don't think this blog would ever be of a very personal or for that matter a very intimate one. Though it is a dear to me. In the past one year, my blogroll has swelled up from 5 blogs to almost 50 blogs now.phew! (i am sure more would be added now) There are so many amazing writers here. I love reading their stuff. Even though I read an enjoy every blog on my blogroll there are some favourites.

I love your blog, Toinky. I love the way she writes, has the capacity to make the most mundane thing interesting. There have been times when I am kind of down and just by reading some of her posts, I have pepped up. She is fab! I love Toro's blog for the simple reason he writes so beautifully. (I think that's an understatement!)I love blogs by Poo (has a unique way of presenting her thoughts), Vidya (Her blog spells enerjy!!!), Ashwin (Love the simplicity), Ramana (poignant stuff), Suds(his sarcastic sense of humour), Gundu (for the total sadak chaap lingo that he Mumbaiyya, I love it), Jag (for he gives me a totally different perspective of things being a second generation Indian in Britain which I so enjoy reading) and so many more. the list is endless. (This was kinda tough to do)

But....the most important thing I would cherish are the friendships I have forged. I have known and met some real wonderful people coz of blogging. I love u guys! I know for the fact that blogging or no blogging, our friendship will remain. I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. Thank u so much guys!

Thank you all who visit my page regularly and bother to leave behind comments. Ur comments are highly valued and very much appreciated. :D Well thanks to all the silent readers too..

I think it is one of the best things I have ever done. Ciao ppl!

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

yupppeee!!! first to comment…
hey! dear friend may u have many more great days of blogging ahead!!!century babe!!! keep going…

2004-06-19 19:27

awww chweetu…thank you so much. But putting me up there with all those blogging greats..they might feel kinda degraded you know :p:p

2004-06-19 20:45

One year of blogging…
Amazing. Me still have 3 more months for that…
I just love the lucid style of riting here.. IT simply simplifies things….

2004-06-20 07:13

congrats! :D

2004-06-20 09:13
Ridhish (see i commented):

well done! congrats!

2004-06-20 10:46

hey .. happy budday .. partyy!!!!! ;) … even in naneghat will do :D

& thanx >:D< for mentioning my sadak chap lingo too ;) .. i luv u

2004-06-20 11:30


Congratulations!!!!! :) Quite a big achievement this!! Your comments have been the motivation for me.

Keep blogging!

2004-06-20 17:41

Woohoo! Congrats!!

When's the party? :D

2004-06-21 03:56

Congratulations and Jubilations!!
I am not saying this because I know you personally as well, but you do write well too, especially on issues of social concern

2004-06-21 06:51

supakkk chhe ;). congrats babez!

2004-06-21 10:55

hey there congrats…u keep going gurl!….wish i could stick to the not going personal part in my blog…but it never happens…..:)

2004-06-21 19:08

just a tiny gesture on my part….linkin u on my blog…to keep ur blogrollin upppp uppp and above:)

2004-06-21 19:10

ROCK ON!! may u have many many more blog buddays… :D and thanks for linking me too :D:D

2004-06-22 01:11

Sweet ! :)
your blog is verry special to me as well..coz if you hadnt started blogging…. i would never have come to know of this thing called blogworld as well!
Happy first anniversary to your blog :)
Blogworld ki Jai!!! :D

2004-06-22 07:15

Congrats for completing a blogging year n that too with the 100th post. It's like making ur team win and completing ur century on the last ball :-D I hope the new blog year would be as gr8 as the last one too. And yeah this one's my first comment on ur blog.

A silent reader ;-D

2004-06-22 13:48

hey, happy bloggie budday shobhs, keep goin .. :)

2004-06-23 19:51

Hey - very glad to be of help - and flattered too!

I agree with you regarding self expression and it being a big motivating factor - blogging does a lot for self-esteem - and also, for me anyway, encourages lateral and creative thinking.

Shobha: although I don't know you personally - it seems that your own writing here is straight from your heart - and quite often I end up laughing the way in which you report your thoughts and observations. Your blog always makes me smile. Keep it up!

2004-06-24 10:44

Gazillion wishes for many more years of fruitful writing.
Sorry for the delay, but my RSS feed aggregator doesn't seem to work too god. :)

Keep going bhaanji… and if it helps, you've been a great inspiration (for me) to keep going. thanks, truly!

2004-06-24 13:32

Congrats Shobha on completing 100 posts and one full year of blogging. I do visit your pages very regularly though I don't comment frequently. Continue to be as you are and am sure you would find things interesting..

Good luck & God bless!

2004-06-24 13:33

hey congrats on ur hunderdth posting

2004-06-24 18:01

Happy birthday to ur blog!
what an amazing coincidence..100th blog + 1st b'day !!!
Even though i am not a blogger like you,i try to read ur posts regularly..ur doing a great job shobhi..keep it up!

2004-06-25 07:15

Archie: Hiyaaa! Well I hope u remember u starting on july 1st! :P

Suds: Shut up :P

Sat: Oh, thanks! :D Well u have a fantabulous vocab dude!

Gans: tunku! :D

Riddy: Well done wot? exam diya kya maine.? :P :P :P

2004-06-25 18:05

Gundu: Heee! Budday party….*thinking*…..naaah! :P

Shreyas: Achievement….heeeeeee! na re! :p Anyways….nice to seeya after long and good u resumed blogging…! :D

Khush: Party wud be when u wud come to Mumbai! :P Tunku dear!

Poo: Poo ben compliment kare che….and shobha gracefully accept kare che…tunku tunku!

Reiya: May be we shud copyright it..Supakk! wot say u? :P

2004-06-25 18:14

Deeps: hie babes! Tunku for linking me..have been reading ur blog for quite a while now, I really like it! :D

Anju: u welcome neday dear! Tunku again!

Ashwin: It better be special Ashwin..:P :P :P

Sarvesh: Oh kkkkk, silent reader! One more haan, Please keep visiting and commenting…its a a gr8 motivator as I said! :D

Tia: how be u? long time haan! tunku! :D

2004-06-25 18:20

Jag: Hie Paajiiiiiiii! Howwie u? awwww thank u for ur words! Aha! never knew i off all ppl can make others laugh…..heeeee!

Toro: :-O….mama, me and inspiration…..u gotta be kidding me! Wohoooooooooo, me is so flattered! tunku so much!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Chakra: hey Chakra! Thanks :D

Hari: thank u Hari! :d

Vigs: Thank u! :D

Thanks a ton all of u!!!!!

2004-06-25 18:26

Test test

2004-06-26 11:25

birthday over! NOW UPDATE! :P

2004-06-26 11:50

Yeah, we want an update.
About ur final year at college.
And ur marks. For which i personally prayed @ tirupati :D

2004-06-26 18:05

well…happy bday a bit belated…..its just i drop once in a while….and u do post rather frequently…keep it goin…and keep da humour flowin

2004-06-28 10:36

Okay, where is the treat? :P

2004-06-29 03:08

Happy birthday to your blog!!! :D:D:D Love waht you write Everything you say is soo sincere! :D:D:D Talk to you soon paati! :P

2004-07-12 14:42

Hey Shobha, Happy Budday to ur blog !! Its cool that u have the enthu to continue this blog and hope it continues all along ….after a few more buddays this blog might look like a collection of articles on social conern and may be u can publish a blog book :d …cheers ! ok this is my first comment ..may be I should go comment on all the blogs I read huh ?

2004-07-12 14:43

Happy Barday to You [lalla lala lalla]
Happy Barday to You [lalla lala lalla]

Happy Barday to… Ur Blog,
Happy… Barday… to… Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu [lalla lala lalla]

'Thank You… Thank You…'

2004-07-12 14:44
Arvind Iyer:

HEy Shobha… Been into the bloggin scene for a little while now myself..Have to agree with every single word that u have said.. Well luv readin ur blogs and well am into Media too and I SALUTE ALL THE PPL IN THE WORLD WHO ARE INTO MEDIA.. COntinue bloggin and enlighten all of us like u have been doin all this while…A PAT ON UR BACK FROM MY SIDE>>>cheers..PEace

2004-07-12 14:45

congrats.. and keep it up … No visiting me these days.. huh?

2004-07-12 14:45

Vidya: Hieeee! wot talk to u soon..u always run away!

Keshav: Finally u comment haan!Nalla muhurtam u have selected.:P :P Anyways How be u?

Alex: thank u!

Arvind: Thank u so much!!!

Anti: Hiyaaaaaaa! How can tht be possible, I do visit ur pages…..just don't comment! :P

2004-07-12 14:47

llol…shobhs! happy budday to u'r blog …..thanking arvind for his complement….how abt a new post on trek:D

2004-07-12 14:49


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