Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Yohoooooooooooooo! Yohoooooooooooo!
I recently went on a trek to naneghat. What awesome fun I had!!!!!
First come first..........Lemme tell u the awesomest thing I did......

I hitchhiked for the first time in my lifee.............Yippeeee! But I wasn't alone, had 15 people alongwith me, so no problem. Double the fun, actually........and guess what....I travelled in a lorry..........yohoooooooooooooo! *Dhinkatikaaaaa* Never ever travelled in a lorry before.....It was just so much fun....(More on it later)

I have wanted to trek for a long long time. Well opportunity presented itself and I jumped at it. The trek was great fun and I gotta meet some bloggers too. Dee, Reiya, gundu and Buhaha gang etc. etc. It was sort of a mini mumbai bloggers trek.

In order to go to naneghat, we had to go by bus. The route to Naneghat was so awesome! Amazing greenary.......Lovely! We all had fun . Gundu was all happy and gay....(Pun intended :P :P) The bus conductor began hitting on him. Heeeeeeeeee! The conductor switched places with Dee who was earlier sitting with Gundu and then sat next to him. What fun we had pulling his leg! heeeeeeeee!

It started drizzling when we arrived at Naneghat. Wow! What beautiful place....greenary galore. I was the only one in the whole group who had an umbrella and a windcheater. before people start thinking that I am crazy, let me confirm certain things. As u all know, I am a chasmis.....meaning I wear specs. Its a sad fact of my life that during monsoons, my specs tend to get wet and hence smudged very soon and I have to keep wiping it every 2 minutes which can be very irritating. So if I don't wipe it, I am almost next to blind. If I remove my specs I am blind again. What all problems I have in my life..Wear specs, get wet, go blind......remove specs, go blind again! So an umbrella! :P :P
Russel and Andy didn't get their windcheaters. Russel started cribbing and wanted to go home. I found it so funnyy! heheheheee!

And then started our ascent..........boy oh boy, It took almost 4 hours to go up. But it was worth all the effort. Waterfalls greeted us at every part of pur ascent. Water was oooh! Chilly. There were some mini-stream to cross through. Lovely it was!!!! Huffing, puffing panting we finally reached to the plateau above. Everybvody just crashed. But just peak was just 10 minutes away. Whilst everyone had food, myself and Dee decided to go up. We finally went to the top. And My!!!my!!!! It was so beautiful. And it is an understatemnt. It is an understatement in the history of all understatements. We hung in there for sometime and came down. Mice were playing kabbadi in my stomach (Ok.i have shamelesly translated this from a Hindi muhaavara :P) Hogged nicely and then was all set for the descent. Descent was awesome fun. Many of the girls found descent kind of difficult coz it was slippery and the presence of rocks did not make things easier too. So lots of them walked in pairs helping each other. Mostly guys helped the girls. they walked in the front helping the girls out. But well.....there was an exception too. Urs truly helped a guy come down for he slipped often. heeeeee! It was a classic kodak moment! :P I was sooper.....had no problems getting down. We saw so many weird weird bugs and worms. Red colour worm was very pretty and so was a transparent caterpillar..........very pretty. Also there were loads of mosquitoes. Thank u Reiya for ur odomos!

Then we we came down after 2.5 hrs. Everybody was damn tired. I thought we would come by a bus. But then we didnt get any, so everybody started hitchhiking. Whoa! and then finally a truck stopped! I was soooooooo excited, never done anything so crazy..........yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Amma/Appa would freak if they would know about this. So this lorry incident is carefully hidden from them :P heheheheeee! Few of us sat alongwith the driver. Gundu was with the driver and the driver started hitting on him too, I presume! :P The others (me too) sat up directly above the driver's cabin (rooftop). There were no shutters above our heads. So we had stars, moon and lovely breeze for our company. It was so awesome!

Finally we reached station somehow. and then went back home. I had a lovely time that day. I am already looking forward to more treks! Nature here I come...............:D


Anonymous said...

are u sure ur learning journalism ?

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

you forgot to mention the buhaha water splash moments :)) and the AMMA!

2004-06-30 20:21

Did u have to mention … all those hitting on me moments // grr*%$*%$ … i din slip even once.. i was jus pretending so dat u feel better ;) & yeah whr r splash moments ???

2004-06-30 23:19

hey traas .. i forgot to add one more thing ….



2004-06-30 23:20

You forgot to mention that u missed me
buhuhahaha :P

2004-07-01 00:27

You trip indeed was fun. When I was in Pune we use to go to Malavli (one stop before lonavala) and did a lot of hikes from there. Raj machi, Bhaja Caves, Lohagad Visapur. If you havent been to these places, you should. Its great fun, especially in the monsoons.

2004-07-01 16:21

hey no treks until i come thr….serious huh! n yayyyy! the lorry sounds interesting:D…amma buhaha!!!!:P…traas..wot r those splash moments:P

n excuse me, u'r comment box is gonna die of starvation…it still says my blogsite is invalid :o(

2004-07-01 17:52

Vigay told me about the trek, so decided to visit ur guys had a lot of fun..and btw you need to get glasses with wiper, so all that wiping and cleaning after every 2 mins will no longer be needed.. and het nice blog u have here..

2004-07-01 20:18

Sounds absolutely awesome!

And hitch-hiking with 15 people? How in the world did you manage that? :D

2004-07-02 03:02

Koooooooooooooolllllllllllllll !!

2004-07-02 06:13

you travelled by lorry??? And you never told me??? :P:P:P hehe

2004-07-02 10:29

sounds fun…and naneghat is beautiful..

2004-07-02 14:05

i never knew vighy was also called gundu….v always refered 2him as VIGAY or VIGUDD or ranDEE kaa bf…buhahaha…

2004-07-02 16:15

i missed the trek :(.
mabbe next time!!! :)

2004-07-02 17:55

alllriggght! trek rocked.. like i said.. umbrella was a smart move girl .. we all got wet anyway.. windcheater or no windcheater
oh, and i told mom about the truckride, and now she wants to go for a trek :P

2004-07-03 18:04

Wooooowoww!!!!!! Awesome trip u've had ya. :D:D:D And lorry travel sounds to be real fun !! :D:D And where r the fotus ???? WE WANT FOTUS !!! AMMAAAA !!! ;);):D:D:D

2004-07-04 06:44

owwww…. it seems liek it really rocked.. took any pics?

2004-07-04 09:16

Sounds quite cool - away from the sweltering - raining summer of Mumbai huh.
Sure does sounds (rather reads) lovely.
Have a similar place in Tamil NAdu - Top Slip, near Pollachi - way away from Madras (700km)
And yeah, the best way to hide info fromur parents is to display it publicly on the ever-so popular WORLD WIDE WEB nah?

2004-07-04 18:38

hehehe chhatri waali :P. ya ya welcome:D> majja aavi gayo ne? woh vighy ke buhaha ka bada majja aaya :P. supakkkk trek thha re:D:D.

2004-07-05 18:47

hehe…..u ppl had gr8 fun re sobaaaaaaaaaaaa……..mummaaaaaa….hehe……nywayz….i noticed one thing re dat u said after u n dee came back from the top u hogged nicely….btu dee wrote dat all the food was over by the time u two came back !! hehe !!!!!

2004-07-06 15:35

AIYYYOOOO AIYOO!!1 AMMA!!!!… how could ya forget to mention the beautiful name the buhahas gave you!! bas kya!! …
it was great fun wasnt it.. so whens the next one..plan something great one! .. u know ..i did go for another trek this week.. to a place called palasdari near karjat. it was good!! sorry couldnt let everybody else know.. was a short notice thingy!!

2004-07-07 14:58

Dee: No need actually…..i choose to ignore it :P

Vighy: Yeda, u were at ur gayest best, how cud i not mention the hero of the day! :P

Ridhish: Who r u? :P

Gremlin: Pune….I will go thr someday to trek!dunno when tho :P

Laks: u call me Amma and my comment box will boycott u :P forever.:P :P

Akshay: Thanks Akshay.keep dropping by :D.and yea we did have lotsa fun :D

Khush: Kuch bhi ho sakta hain.:P heheeheheheeeee! Loadsa fun wud be an understamt!


2004-07-11 11:54

vidya: now u know :P :P

Sush: It sure is :D

Ash: ur mommie rocks..ehehehe! My mom will faint, no my dad might itsa better me chup :P ehheeheheee

Malu: tu bhi? Dunno abt photus yet..will be up soon I guess!

russel: Vighy is called gundu exclusively by me :D

Tia: it sure did….!

Sat: Hmmm..hiding info, naaah! Its just that they choose to ignore this medium! HAHAHAHAHAA! :p

Reiya: Chatriwali….shiiiiiii! :P

Alak: babes, dee cudnt have food that otheres brought. But he had got his own food, bhukkad he is one! :P

Andy: Aiyyo APPA, poda! Appa mein dum nahi…..CENTER PHAAD poda……HAHAHAHAHAHA :p Koi baat nahi, tumhe maaf kiya!

2004-07-11 11:58


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