Thursday, June 03, 2004

Moiz Back

Back to the pavilion, Back home, Back to the routine, Back to Mumbai.

Well my vacation was sooper. Had tons of fun. My vacation was a personal one, I mean I spent more time with my loved ones and a little bit on sight seeing. I went to Mangalore, Bangalore, Palakkad and Chennai, a place where I had loadsa fun. It was sorta of a family reunion at Chennai all courtesy a marriage. So much fun. I met my mamma's first cousin , technically my mama. I had met him last when I was in 6th std(11 yrs old. He was a struggling for a job that time in Mumbai and used to drop in often. I was a major weakling in maths and used to struggle bigtime. He used to come and teach me ["-" X "-" = +] but
[ "-" + "-" = "-"]. Half the time I never used to understand the fun das. Poor thing used to break his head to no avail. He was so shocked to see me considerably taller, short cropped hair ( I used to have long hair earlier), in a sari (Yea i sported one for the wedding) He just couldn't believe it was me. He couldn't believe that the brat he taught is now so old....:P

Also I met some mamis and mamas who were keen getting me off married. I was like these ppl have lost it totally. It was so funny. When I congratulated the bridegroom's father after marriage, he went like.....I hope to see u like a bride soon.and I was like what a whole load of bull crap. hehehheheee!

I think I made like an awesome decison to travel south. Whereever I went it rained beautifully. Cool climate welcomed me except Chennai. the heat there sucks (Suds, dont get irritated...:P
)Also I hate the autowallahs. they loot people. I really missed the public transport of Mumbai when I was down south. But I had major fun in Chennai coz all my cousins were there. From my chotu bachu to my older sibling. I love them...well not all but almost all u can say. Also I met Laks, Archie, Harini and Suds too. Sorry Sat, just cudnt meet u.

Laks, Archie, Harini are whole lot of fun to be with. We all being media students, we had tons to talk to. We laughed, giggled, cracked jokes, did all the gurlie things. Loads of fun. Laks i shud say is gurlie gurlie in a very sophisticated way. Now u guys figure out what it means. Archie is the quieter one while Harini is total timepass. But all of them are sweet. Well Suds is an absolute sweetheart. He's just the same way as he appears in his blog.

I saw yuva too........Mr. MANI RATNAM what were u thinking when u made the movie? Well more on YUVA in my next post. AR Rehman, U R GOD! I love u......wot awesome music dude.......too cool......! Sounds even better in the theatre. Well....more in the next post! :D

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Me foist :P

2004-06-03 16:52

Wowowoowieeee!!….u seemed to hav had a blast!! gr8 going buddy! :D

2004-06-03 17:35

I see that u have had loads of fun.
I beg to differ: On one point
Bus transport in Chennai is much better than BEST. (Pun intended)
I cant live without buses in Chennai, anywhere for that matter.
And ur rite. Autos loot like hell. (*there was one partcular post of mine on that)

2004-06-03 18:33

ada cha…ena vututu rahman ku ILU solriya nee :p

2004-06-03 18:39

marriages are loads of fun!anyway it was nice meeting u.must say u r a very bubbly babe!

2004-06-03 18:41


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