Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Aala re Aala Paoos Aala

Did that make any sense to u? Heeeeeeeeee! For all u people clueless, the literal translation of the Marathi phrase means Came, Came, the Rains came! :D :D :D :D

I am so delighted. It finally RAINED. Yayyyyy! *does a little jig* This rain was long awaited in Mumbai! Infact by the end of May, people are so frustrated with the heat that they start waiting for the rains. The heat has been killing this time. Even though it rained a bit early May, it just made things worse.

I have always loved rains. Rains are Mumbai are biiiiiiiiiiiiig. Its beautiful too. Well, I dont like it when I have to go all wet to my college :P. But I like it when I am at home, standing by the window sill, watching the whole world getting drenched, sipping hot coffee and then after sometime sit down by the side of the window with a book in my hand. Oooooh! can anything be more better! :D :D

I remember when I was in my 6th std, I had this Marathi lesson about rains which had this phrase describing the sky just before it was about to pour. It went something like this......the sky looked like the stomach of a dark buffalo....heheheheee! I remeber the whole class laughed when the statement was read. But strangeley I remebered the same phrase when I saw the sky today. It was dark.......just like a buffalo's tummy.....hehehehe! I knew it would rain in any moment by then and RAIN it did to my total happiness. I wanted to get drenched, but I didn't. Maybe, next time for sure....:D I went to my window and then it started pouring. It was beautiful. There were these 2 kids who were having the fun of their lives dancing in the rain. One of them started cycling singing some obscure hindi movie song. I was scared for a moment that the child might skid and fall down from the bicycle especially since it ewas raining, but well nothing of that happened. He just cycled with gay abandon singing. (At times like these, I love Hindi songs however crappy they might be! :P) I was all smiles. The other one came out with a plastic bag over his head........heeehhehehee! He looked so cute :D. He also started dancing. I saw it pouring whilst sipping a strong filter coffee. It was lovely.

When I was vacationing in south of India, it rained everywhere I went. Palakkad looked resplendent after it rained. It is so green there, lovely. I remember going for a walk after it rained with my friend..........WOWOWOWOW! It was just awesome. I love walking. I am a very walk walk person. I don't mind walking lond distances. and walking in a place like Palakkad especially when it is drizzling. Wowie!

I remember when I was in my 2nd std, I was in Bangalore during may and it had started raining heavily in May itself. It was extremely windy and rainy and I thought that I have seen the "AIR". I was taught in school that we can't see "AIR", only feel it. So i was so glad about my discovery. I was sooooo excited. When I came back home, I told all my friends that I saw "The AIR". trust me, I was the heroine of the day. Hehehehhehehee!

Anyways, now that it has started raining, I hope the climate becomes more pleasant. I end my post with a cute Marathi song...

yere yere paoosa...
tula deto mee paisa..
paisa jhaala re khota...
paoos aala re motha....:D :D :D

Petrichor--> smell of mud!

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Oh wow. The monsoon. One of the more India-specific things that I would definitely miss. I will miss those huge thunderclouds gathering, lightning arcs around everywhere, generating thunders that vibrate even the curtains.
And the continuous rains, the associated floods. The entire works.
I wish

2004-06-08 19:02

If u hadnt put in that cute marathi song at the end, I was going to put it in my comment :)

2004-06-09 05:51

awwww… It rained one day last week… We desperately nbeed rain! It hasn' rained properly since like last October! Our dams are less than 50% full :( Atleast you guys got some rain!

2004-06-09 09:36

Hey! It rained quite a bit here too.
btw how are these lanterns on the top of your blog page always burning, anytime I come?

2004-06-09 09:59

it rained here!!!!!?????….when..where…how…wht!!!????….abe!!…
damn!!..i hate this…seems like the rain gods have all got some problem with me…here i am sitting at home looking out at a sunny evening ….and mildly overcast skys!!!…but pavoos!!!…ohh no!!… they not gonna give me the joy tht soon are they!!….grrrr!!!

2004-06-09 11:46

we used to play football in tht slush during rains in mumbai!! :D

2004-06-09 15:14

Woooooowwwwiiiieee RAINS !!!!!! ummm the sweet smell of the earth…..nothing like it…. :D:D:D:D We used to make paper boats and put them to sail whn we were kids !!! :D:D:D:D

2004-06-09 16:16

I hate gettin wet!! FULLSTOP…..^-^

2004-06-10 09:00

clouds like buffalo's tummy.tell me something were u ppl getting dreanched in its milk orrrrr dew.cheeeche!disgusting!

2004-06-10 16:46

ghanan ghanan… :)

2004-06-11 07:55

Sat: Well, can't help it, can u? :)

Poo: aisa kya? Cute na this song is…..!

Vidya: I read in papers as to how sydney is facing like a sooper water shortage…u guys also have been asked not to fill ur swimming pools na?

Vaibhav: Hehehee! Its magic….

Andy: Awwwwww! It wud soon rain which u can also see..hehehee!

Gans: Ppl say that its load of fun to play football in slush….Have never done tht..:(……though wud love to do that…:D

Malu: Paper boats…..oh yea me too have done tht!

Candy: hehehe!

Harini: I managed to gross u out..heeeeeeeeee!

Manan: Ghanan Ghanan…eheheheh……ur name rhymes with ghanan :P Glad U dropped by, keep visiting! :)