Saturday, June 05, 2004


I happened to watch YUVA in Chennai at Satyam. It was a day out for all we cousins and it is special for us coz all the 8 of us were there for the movie together. All the cousins are spread across different places and its only during some occasions that we all manage to come together and have a blast.

It was a 3p.m. show. We reached Satyam by 2:55. It was very crowded and they werent allowing us in. finally we got in by 3:15. But to our total shock the movie had already begun. We missed almost first 10 minutes of the movie. It was very frustrating. I couldn't understand why they did not allow us in at the first place. I just hate missing the initial parts of movies. But well....nothing could have been done.

I am an ardent Mani Ratnam fan. I really enjoy his movies. They are different, they are beautiful, they appeal to my sensibilities, they are stylish.....I can go on and on....I am no expert in movies. I watch a movie like any viewer and not as a filmmaker, technician etc. But I have some comments reserved for Yuva. Those are purely my personal comments and well may just reflect my naiveate too. But after watching the movie I could sense something was missing though I exactly couldn't pin point it. As they say in Hindi.........Hajam nahi hua........I just had the same kind of feeling when I left the movie hall. Something was surely missing.

What I love about Mani Ratnam is that he strives to be different. All his movies are different.......hutke..... if i might use the filmy term. Yuva was no different. It was different. I loved the narrative of the movie. Three different point of views, 3 different stories. It was nice. I liked that about Alaipayuthey also, The flashbacks were very beautifully interwoven in the screenplay. Also I like it that Mani Ratnam has tried to portray Youth in different light as opposed to the careless, bubblegum chewing, irresponsible youth that Hindi movies normally portray us as. I liked that. I think there exists a considerable number of youngsters who want to make a difference and the point was conveyed in the movie. Very heartening to note that. (I think another movie which deserves a mention in this context is Hassil directed by tigmanshu Dhulia which was a lovely movie showing the youth in a different light.)

About the charcters. The charcters were beautifully etched with the character of Lallan, played by Abhishek Bachchan being the best of them all. I think Abhishek Bachchan was just apt for the role..........AWESOME performance. He was so amazingly grey. Like we all are, grey. None of us are only black or only white. The conflicting emotions were beautifully portrayed. Rani was sooper, an absolute natural. I particularly enjoyed the scene wherein she bursts at the Ticket Collector. Perfect case of displacement. Ajay devgan, Micheal....ummmmmm.......i liked his character. He's an idealist. I have a small idealistic streak in me. I would be partial to his character coz I would love to see loads of people like him. (i presume his character was inspired by a real-life character who was also a student leader) I liked the fact that his charcter wants to make a difference. I think many if not more do want to do that, make a difference. I could totally identify with the character played by Vivek Oberio coz I know so many people like him. (Sneaking in the middle of the queau and all.......that was a cute scene.) There was nothing new about him, very real. Esha Deol's role could have possibly been deleted from the movie coz her absence I feel wouldn't have affected the movie at all, just an adornment I feel. Kareena Kapoor was ok. Om Puri as usual was brilliant.

Ok, now what I didn't like.....I thought that Mani Ratnam just got carried away. I mean forming a party, winning election is not a joke. Hullo.......It is a difficult complex process (look at how imminent pesphologists, media got it all wrong this time and the movie suggests that everything is so easy). One can be idealistic but not foolish. The movie seems to portray Indian election in such a simplified manner. I think it is anything but simple. The character of Esha Deol as I said is totally unnecessary, no use at all. The violence just did not make any sense at all. The last scene was really funny. I am amazed as to how such a fight did not result into a traffic jam. One can resign to the fact that Hindi movies mein sab chalta hain.......but is not just any Hindi movie........It is a MANI RATNAM movie. Things can't be dumb in his movies.

All said and done, YUVA did have flashes of Mani Ratnam's brilliance in it but something was missing somewhere is all I could say.


shodZ said...

well, in general i would agree with u. infact the first thing that we observed after seeing the movie was that it definitely dint seem to eb a maniRatnam film. i prob cant quantify and ennumerate precisely the reasons behind this gut feel as u have so aptly done. but i would certainly differ with u on the election count. infact i would take the opposite stand as in he(maniRatnam) has shown that the countrys politics are dirty and difficult to cope up with. isnt that the theme of the movie?? and u have to remmember twas only a state assembly election. considering that, michael was only a lil larger than life. i think we can digest that after seeing mithun as james bond!!! the end violence was definitely outtof place. i meaen twas too much of it. and vivek oberois character was fuZZy. i mean the whole of teh movie tehy show him as a guy who lives life bindaas and believes in taking shortcuts then why in the end show within him a 'never say never die' spirit even though abhishekh usse marre ja raha hai, marre ja raha he. maybe maniRatnam should have put in more meat in the movie to show the audience how and why oberoi realises his duty for the country. theres defenitely more justification required there. rani was apt. and kareena, to me, looked beautiful. esha deol could have been replaced by anyone. in all the best thing about the movie was the message it sent out. that of the need of the indian youth to stand up and defy the rules, in evvery walk of life

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

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All said and done, it was an amazing movie. It was a better one in Tamil, all with fresh lovable actors (and actresses ;) )
And the songs were amazing. How come u didnt comment abt that?

2004-06-05 18:34

Yuva was absolute crap. It looked contrived,predictable and incoherent.
I think I have said enough to indicate that I didnt like the movie ;P

2004-06-06 07:07

Well, my views also on the same lines…..and yea ofcourse tht esha doel role cud hav been deleted…..

2004-06-06 09:22

One word PAthetic….wots with the new template??

2004-06-06 12:52

Yuva was a nice movie.A different movie with a different concept.Total Manirathnam ishtyle,but the last scene was rather funny.And how come u have'nt written anything abt the music ??? Abssolutely refreshing.I agree A.R.Rehman is not a music director…..Hez GOD. :D:D:D

2004-06-06 18:15

Well being a ardent fan of mani rathnam, i dont expect anything more from him. Only difference i could see is…the story line is really different from the usual roja, bombay… movie theme was overshadowed by 3 different stories, it wasnt tht thumping like other ones. Amazing thing was, no other director can show 3 diff stories in a movie and keep the audience awake for 3 long continous hours. credit should b given to mani rathnam for his ability to bring in the best from each of his characters like abhishek. I expected ajay devgan to b a flop in student role….but he came out well, not like tamil actor murali being student all his life…has become like a story…let me stop it….lol cheers

2004-06-07 02:04

sobzie! music first music! though being an ardent fan of maniji myself.. i always find rahmans music a shade too good for his movies, i dunno why! meways, i haven't seen either… but im looking forward to seeing AE, which still hasn't released here (the tam version) lets see if i enjoy the movie!

2004-06-07 21:02

Sat: It was a refreshing change, but still…….

Ashwin: U HATE the movie! got it!

Gans: hmmm….

Candy: My template screwed kya? I dunno.will chk it out..

Creative: He is god! no doubt about it…..:D

Shanks: hey! Dya have a blog?

Anju: Watch it soon babes!

2004-06-08 16:57

Mani Disappointed his Ardent fans for sure(Me one)!! But Trisha was cool in the tamil version.. ;) Ok.. i watched the DVD twice for the songs..